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The WEST Institute

Financial Aid

Every student who has graduated from The WEST Institute of Shepherds Theological Seminary has a testimony to the Lord's provision.  This provision has come in many forms, from anonymous gifts at just the right time to the ability to work multiple jobs while completing their studies.  These testimonies, however, only came because the student was willing to step out in faith and trust that where the Lord has called He will provide.  The temptation to walk by sight rather than by faith is always present.  It is for this reason that we encourage all students to approach the decision to enter Seminary through much prayer.  We firmly believe that if He has called, He will provide.  



Students are encouraged to begin by prayerfully considering fundraising through their local church, family and friends.  Many students send our support letters to those who have been involved in their life.  Please contact us if you need help composing a letter.


Veterans Educational Benefits

The Laramie Valley Chapel Teaching Site, through Shepherds Theological Seminary, has been approved by the US Department of Veteran's Affairs and the North Carolina State Approving Agency to enroll students who are entitled to Veteran's educational benefits under Titles 38 and 10 of the United States Code.  To find out more about your specific benefits package, please contact a GI Bill Representative at 1-888-GIBILL-1 (1-888-442-4551).


Title IV Benefits

Shepherds Theological Seminary has received final approval from the Department Of Education to participate in Federal Student Financial Aid Programs. This enables our students to defer any Federal student loans that they may have incurred before beginning Seminary. Our students are also able to take advantage of the Federal student direct loans.


Scholarships Available Through Shepherds


Several scholarships are available each year through Shepherds Theological Seminary.  Students at The WEST Institute take all Master's courses through the Laramie Valley Chapel Teaching Site of Shepherds Theological Seminary, thus they are eligible for these scholarships sponsored by the endowment funds and sacrificial gifts provided by friends of Shepherds.  A limited number of scholarships are available only for tuition expenses of degree-track, credit students. These scholarships are given on a basis of:

     • Academic excellence
     • Commitment to ministry
     • Financial need

The student should demonstrate that his home church has been approached for matching funds.  Scholarships are funded through revenues generated from the invested funds. Therefore, the amount and number of scholarships awarded is dependent on the size of the scholarship fund.

To be considered by the Seminary Board for a scholarship, complete a scholarship form (available in the Seminary office) and submit as early as possible before classes begin.


Paul K. Jackson Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a student who shows a heart for a teaching ministry. The namesake of this scholarship, Paul K. Jackson, had a heart for teaching and was the founding professor of Old and New Testaments at the Seminary, as well as Pastor of Adult Ministries at Colonial Baptist Church.


Tully M. Fletcher III Soul Winner Scholarship

The Tully M. Fletcher scholarship is awarded to a student who has best demonstrated a spirit of compassion for the lost by the habitual practice of personal or church group evangelism. The namesake of this scholarship, Tully M. Fletcher III, had an intense interest in winning souls.


Student Tuition Grant-in-Aid Fund

Before each main semester (August and January), students may apply for benefits from the Student Tuition Grant-in-Aid Fund. These funds, which are received from private donors to the Seminary, are disbursed by the faculty to deserving students who apply. Students should apply for these benefits each term through the Seminary office.


Missionary Seminary Discount

Students who are engaged full-time in ministry outside the United Sates may receive a 50% discount in tuition and fees. Application should be made each school term through the Registrar's office.


Home Church Assistance

Assistance from your home church does more than help meet the financial needs - it provides accountability for the student and a prayer commitment by the church. Consequently, students are encouraged to discuss financial assistance possibilities with their pastor and church leaders.