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Our one year seminary format not only enhances the learning process for our students, but it also greatly reduces the costs associated with attending seminary. When housing and living expenses are included our program is up to 50% less expensive than many other seminaries.  We strive to make seminary affordable for as many as possible. 

Student Tuition:  Students pay tuition and fees directly to Shepherds Theological Seminary. Students can pay monthly or by semester. For AY 2017-2018, students will pay a total of $17,880 for tuition and fees. Fees included cover the additional costs of running the Laramie extension site. Fees also cover items that directly benefit students such as a license for Logos Bible software and Shepherds Theological Seminary's graduation fee.

Other Expenses: Students are responsible for purchasing a plane ticket to Shepherds Theological Seminary in Cary, NC during the year.  They will fly out in May to attend graduation and take one class.  They are responsible for transportation and housing for graduation weekend.  They are also responsible to purchase a plane ticket for the Rome and Israel trip if they plan to go and for covering all of their expenses in Rome.

Student Housing: Housing expenses are not included in student tuition. As much as possible we try to have students living in community with other students. We would love to help students find affordable hosing in Laramie. Please contact us any questions.


Auditing Classes

All classes from the Masters program may be audited for a discounted rate. Please contact us for more information.  


Pastors and Campus Ministry Leaders

As part of our commitment to the equipping of those doing the work of the ministry, we offer Senior Pastors and Campus Ministry Leaders the opportunity to take any one course for free each year. This course may be taken as an audit or for credit. This class must be taken with the class in Laramie. Please  contact us for more information.