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An Educated Ministry

An Educated Ministry
Chances are, if you had a serious life threatening problem, you would likely seek the council of a doctor.  Not only that, but a doctor that could remove it.  A doctor that was trained to take care of your problem, and you had trust and confidence in him not killing you!  If we are talking life and death, and we as Christians have answers to life's biggest sickness, then the question becomes, why don't we see ministry as this important?  Why are so many young and ambitious guys and gals flying into the ministry without any training?  You grew up in a Christian home, huh?  Great!  I grew up in a doctors home, so I can perform surgery now!    Ministry is not something to be taken lightly.  The role that you take on as a leader and shepherd of a flock, no matter who or what that flock looks like...
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