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Most seminaries are designed around the concept of collecting student tuition to fund the operational costs of the seminary. Students often pay unbelievably high rates to equip themselves to minister to the body of Christ. It is our belief that this setup has removed the body of Christ and the student from the biblical concept of stewardship. 

Our goal in creating the Stewardship Program is that both the body of Christ and the students involved will feel the weight of stewardship. We want to see the body of Christ invest their time, wisdom, prayer, and financial resources into students lives who are preparing themselves for a lifetime of ministering to others--whether that be as teachers, engineers, nurses, doctors, mechanics, or vocational ministers. We want students to feel the weight of this investment as they set aside a year of their lives to study and apply the Word of God and be held accountable to their time of study, investment in the body of Christ, and personal character development.

We will connect supporters with students through a private software application like Facebook to provide a consistent place of encouragement and accountability.

What makes the Stewardship Program unique is where the biblical concept of stewardship comes full circle. When students apply to the Stewardship Program they are informed from the very beginning that they are expected upon graduation to become lifetime supporters of the Stewardship Program. Thus, former students become the supporters and they in turn invest in future generations both financially and spiritually. The goal is that a majority of supporters will be former students. However, in moving from a student based tuition system towards a more biblical model of stewardship, the Body of Christ at large and local churches have the amazing opportunity to start a new kind of seminary tuition system.


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