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Outdoor Adventures

Every year students arrive on The WEST Institute campus never having enjoyed the outdoors on any level.  It is amazing to watch students’ eyes open in new ways when we gather for our first class with the beautiful granite peaks of the Medicine Bow Mountains in the background. Studying God’s creation account and then walking in the midst of his creation truly impacts all of our students.  We have found that outdoor adventures dramatically enhance our desire to see students grow in their faith through biblical studies and community activities. Please know that students are in no way required to participate in any outdoor activities, but we encourage you to get out and enjoy the outdoors while in seminary.

For students that have never had the chance to enjoy God’s creation, the first time they take a walk among the many mountain lakes and ponder all the works of God their theological studies are enhanced through tangible experiences.

For students that have spent lots of time in God’s creation, they have every opportunity to stretch themselves and other students on the many peak ascents in the area. Whether it is mountaineering, rock climbing, backpacking, hiking, skiing, or many other outdoor pursuits the opportunities to stretch themselves and others in building deep relationship centered on God’s Word and beautiful fellowship abound.

Many students do not have all the necessary knowledge or equipment required to enjoy certain outdoor adventures. To help with this we spend part of our first class covering the basics of the outdoors.  This class covers everything from Wilderness First Aid to purchasing gear, packing a backpack and the basics of rock climbing.  We also have a gear room full of gear that students can use. Our amazing gear rental program helps to equip students with the needed gear for $1 per item per trip.

God has placed The WEST Institute campus in the middle of some of the most pristine outdoors in the country. The following is just a short list of the possible adventures just miles from our campus.