STS Staff & Faculty

STS Staff & Faculty

Executive Administration

Stephen Davey

Founder & President


Provost & Dean

Thomas Pittman

Vice President of Academic Affairs & Chief Academic Officer

Resident Faculty

William W. Barber

Professor Emeritus of Practical Theology

William G. Coberly

Director of Library Services and Adjunct Professor of New Testament & Bible Exposition

Les Lofquist

Assistant Professor of Practical Theology

Clayton Schultz

Director, The WEST Institute & Assistant Professor of Practical Theology

Douglas D. Bookman

Professor of Old/New Testament & Bible Exposition

Stephen D. Davey

Professor of Practical Theology

Larry D. Pettegrew

Research Professor of Theology

Tim Sigler

Professor of Hebrew & Biblical Studies

David L. Burggraff

Professor of Systematic


Assistant Professor of Old Testament & Biblical Languages

Thomas Pittman

Assistant Professor of Practical Theology

W. Andrew Smith

Associate Professor of New Testament & Early Christianity

Jimmy Carter

Director, Shepherds Institute

Gary Hallquist

Assistant Professor of Practical Theology

Alan Potter

Distinguished Professor of Pastoral Theology & Church Planting