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If Christians are honest, they will acknowledge there is a gap between what they profess about God and how they actually live. The traditional model of seminary does little to expose the roots of why this gap exists. Shepherds Theological Seminary and Laramie Valley Chapel created The WEST Institute, a one-year seminary program, to address this issue. The WEST Institute exists to train men and women in sound biblical teaching within the context of an intentionally intrusive, life-on-life, local church community. As students learn God's Word and live in community, false beliefs, hopes, longings, and fears are replaced with the truths of God's Word. Every year we have the blessing of seeing the gap in student's lives diminish as they grow in Christ-likeness. We ask, not only individuals going into full-time ministry, but all believers to consider setting aside one year of their life to learn God's Word so that the rest of their life would be lived in response to His Word.

Dr. Clayton Schultz
Director, The WEST Institute
Shepherds Theological Seminary

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Our one-year seminary format not only enhances the learning process for our students, but it also greatly reduces the costs associated with attending seminary.

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Each semester our staff and faculty travel around the country to represent our program. We would love to connect with you if you are in the area. Please check the dates and locations of our fall tour.

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Read what former students are saying about their experience at the WEST. Understand the impact of Outdoor Adventures. Learn how God is transforming current students.

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Life On Life Community

We are excited about the prospect of you joining us for a year of growth and transformation. We are confident that God is at work in the lives of each and every student, and we pray that you would consider joining us for an amazing year.

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We desire to walk with each student through the process of applying all the way to moving and setting up living arrangements. Get started with these simple steps.

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We would love to answer any of your questions and/or host you for a visit at our teaching site. Please contact us today and we will gladly host you at our mountain lodge.

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