The LVC Apprenticeship Program is an enhancement to the MTS degree offered by The WEST Institute through Shepherds Theological Seminary.

This enhancement is run entirely through Laramie Valley Chapel in Laramie, WY, and is designed to give further experience and personal guidance in ministry beyond the typical One-Year MTS degree. Throughout the first year as a student completes The WEST Institute, they will have the opportunity for added oversight and mentorship when it comes to serving in a ministry of the local church. The goal is to bolster the practical application of all the material being learned, and provide additional evaluation and feedback to help a student determine where they would like to serve in future ministry.

Once a student has completed the One-Year MTS degree they can apply for a second-year option. During the second year of the Apprenticeship Program, a student will be placed in a specific ministry of the local church. This position will be chosen for them in order for them to exercise their spiritual gifts and serve under the mentorship of a pastor or ministry leader. Additional training in biblical counseling, leadership, administration, and other skills relevant to their position will be offered.

Throughout both years of the Apprenticeship Program, a student would be allowed and encouraged to raise full financial support for their training, ministry, and living expenses in an effort to allow each student the ability to keep their focus on their ministry service and training. Year two placement is based on a second application and reviewed by the elders of LVC.