Student Testimony

Student Testimony

The Benefits of Seminary to My Ministry

The benefits of learning so much in seminary were obvious while I was doing ministry as a seminary student, but I wondered just how much was going to stick afterward.

I graduated in 2011 and in a year’s time it has been a blessing to enjoy the foundation God instilled through this amazing program! Not only do I still enjoy the Biblical framework I have been given, but I am realizing the joy of filling in the gaps. It has been a blessing to take the tools for learning into my ministry as a youth pastor. The more I learn, the more I know I have only scratched the surface of God’s word.

Another habit I have gained through seminary is the joy of allowing God’s word to speak for itself. What a relief to know that I don’t need to dress up God’s word or use it to support what I want to say. My job as a minister is to present God’s word for what it says. Knowing that I have no business presenting anything to God’s people except what He already gave, and being equipped to better minister it has been a refuge and a strength that I can trust and everyone else can trust as well. Sam Martin can fail, but God’s word cannot!

Sam Martin,
Master's Graduate 2011.