Heart Study 

Heart Study 

Scripture's Impact on Everyday Life

Our Heart Study devotional material has been developed with the intention of guiding our seminary students through the depths of their own heart, and seeing them apply Scripture to every area of life.

Heart Study Background

The Study is based primarily upon John Henderson’s Christian Counseling resource Equipped to Counsel. Beginning with a personal examination of their own lives, students then work through devotional material addressing issues from the futility of man to addictions, anxiety, and love for one another. We are committed to authentic life-on-life discipleship.

What OUR Students Are Saying…

"I am very grateful for the Heart Study because it forced me to be honest with others, myself, and God."

— 2018 Graduate

"I knew there was so much I yearned to know about God but I had no idea through the heart study and community the WEST builds that I would connect personally to the theology I was learning about."

— 2016 Graduate


Life-on-life discipleship is not sitting through a one-way lecture, but rather a multi-dimensional dialog.

It’s an intimate examination of our soul, heart, longings, security, strongholds, bondages, idols, and fears. It  includes each student, God, His Word, Christ, Holy Spirit, and also fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Students should expect to be engaged in each of these dimensions during their year at The WEST Institute, and much of this comes through our Family Gatherings. This is an integral component at the heart of our one year discipleship program.

WEST Highlights

Life-on-life Discipleship

Investing in others, sharing life, speaking truth while encouraging one another



Our students complete the entire year as one group...living in authentic community.

Weekly Family Gatherings

At our weekly Family Gatherings students and their families meet for two hours for a time of breaking bread, fellowship, worship, and intense study of the heart.

As our students and their families gather, we begin with a meal and then spend time worshiping through music.  We then divide into groups of men and women to work through our Heart Study devotional.