Letter from the director

Letter from the director

A Unique Opportunity

When people hear the word "seminary" they often think of senior pastors.  Why is that?

When did we decide that the studying of God's word was only beneficial for a select group?  From the beginning, the vision of The WEST Institute has been to equip all the saints for the work of the ministry.  We desire to equip those who, no matter their future occupation, have counted the cost of following Christ and see devoting a year of their life to learn and live out His Word as a worthy pursuit.

Our Approach To Seminary

Our approach is focused on seeing the Word of God change the heart of the student, so that the student can effectively disciple others.  In our one year discipleship program students live in community, study the Scriptures in community, and live out their theology in community.  Not only do they spend a year being challenged and challenging each other, but they also earn a fully accredited Master's degree.  Our communities and churches are in desperate need of men and women who are equipped to serve the body of Christ, and we desire to come along side those who have counted the costs.

We look forward to sharing life with you, and invite you to learn more about all of our programs available at The WEST Institute by using the links in the top menu.


-Dr. Clayton Schultz

Director, The WEST Institute
Shepherds Theological Seminary


What Our Students Are Saying…

"It’s made me more aware of my heart, looking to evaluate my motivations and what they’re saying about God in the moment rather than realizing them later when it’s too late."

— 2018 Graduate

"For the first time in my 15 years as a Christian I finally feel like I am walking with Christ on a daily basis."

— 2016 Graduate

"For me, this experience has dramatically opened my eyes to a huge hole that I didn't know existed. My walk with Christ has been deepened beyond all expectations."

— 2016 Graduate

"Classes changed the way I view the Bible. Israel changed the way I read the Bible. The Bible Institute gave me a broad overview to better understand the Bible. The Heart Study changed my relationship with Christ as I saw my sin for what it really was."

— 2016 Graduate