Monthly Stewardship Update

Monthly Stewardship Update

Travis Wood and Family

October 21st

The WEST Institute, an extension site of Shepherds Theological Seminary, gives Christians this unique opportunity. Future missionaries, pastors, teachers, accountants, engineers, nurses, mothers, fathers, and all others are invited to join us in dedicating one year to learning and living out the Bible.

Students at The WEST Institute are immersed in sound Biblical teaching, are challenged through intentional discipleship and community, study in Rome and Israel, and enjoy outdoor adventures. Our program is built on the belief that the Word of God alone can change the lives of students and those they will minister to for the rest of their lives.

The WEST Institute exists as a partnership between Laramie Valley Chapel (Laramie, WY) and Shepherds Theological Seminary (Cary, NC). Shepherds Theological Seminary is responsible for all academic instruction, and Laramie Valley Chapel provides a local church setting for intrusive discipleship and mentoring.


Kennedy Bailey and Family

October 21st, 2018

We are committed to helping students grow in their knowledge of Scripture and challenging them to live their lives as a reflection of God's Word. The Bible forms the basis of our education and students are challenged to always keep the Word of God as the lens by which they view the world.

Our unique format makes seminary an option for all Christians, not just those pursuing vocational ministry. The program is completed in just twelve months. Most Christians never consider seminary because of the 2-5 years of study required. Our one year format not only accelerates the schooling process for future full time ministers, it also makes seminary an option for men and women headed into every walk of life.