The Lord Will Provide

Affording Seminary - "The Lord will provide" - A statement easy to regurgitate in the life of a believer, but a test of true faith in the belief that He will indeed give provision.

Prior to entering into seminary at The West Institute, I had no idea how I could afford seminary. I am still bogged down with outstanding student loans from college, have a stay at home wife with two kids, a mortgage, and the financial burdens of everyday life. Secular culture would say I was crazy for entering into yet another financially difficult situation, but I had to.

A Leap of Faith

God had continually confirmed my convictions to enter seminary, and I took a leap of faith trusting in God's plan. Family and friends aided my first few months of school, but my funds soon ran out. Prayer after prayer was lifted up for God to provide. How could I possibly ask people for more money? Was this really what God wanted for me? I knew that this trial would come at some point, but I did not realize it would be so soon.

Despite not having funds to even continue the next class, I pressed on. I continued to trust in God's plan and provision for seminary. Within only a few weeks, a series of seemingly miraculous situations presented themselves through which I was able to continue. The company I worked for (as I am also a full time employee in addition to full time student/husband/father) went under. The corporation folded and another company came in. At one point it almost seemed like my job was in jeopardy, but through God's providence, the folding of the company yielded an array of financial restitution, and at the same time I kept my job!

Each unique situation that presented itself provided month after month of support, each amount coming in almost exactly to the total I needed to finish my studies. Is it possible that an entire company was liquidated just to bring about this situation for me to continue to afford seminary?


- Jason Nelson, Master's Student, 2011-2012